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Dear Applicant

Many thanks for your interest in Local London.

The Partnership has embarked upon an exciting journey and we are looking for talented  people, to both help us shape our future direction and ensure we are a true collaboration that reflects the very best of this part of London. We have an energy and sense of purpose and want to work together as eight boroughs to benefit as many of our residents and local businesses as possible.

Our Partnership spans London’s most exciting growth boroughs, both North and South of the river, with differing opportunities ranging from Crossrail and new River Crossings to significant housing developments.  Our ambitious Leaders, Mayors and Chief Executives all aspire to place their boroughs at the forefront of local government service delivery and recognise the strengths and added value that comes from a shared vision, purpose and resource.

In particular, we want to ensure that the essential investment in infrastructure and social amenities is secured ahead of the predicted growth; that our employees and residents have the necessary skills and qualifications to benefit from economic growth; and that the quality of the environment is enhanced.  We want to make a success of the devolution of the Work and Health Programme, and seek further opportunities to collaborate on devolved service delivery.

We are now seeking a Director and Assistant Director to join us.  A passion for delivering results by working with others, relationship building skills and leadership attributes are a pre-requisite, but we are looking for people with the ability to think creatively, drive change and implement new ideas. 

We are ambitious for Local London and finding the right person for these roles is critical to our future success. We are at a crucial point in our development so now is an exciting time to bring your leadership skills and experience to bear to make a real difference to this part of the capital. 

We look forward to receiving your application.

Andy Donald
Chief Executive, London Borough of Redbridge

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